Stand 47

June 2014

Stand 47, Monaghan Farm, Lanseria.

Stand 47 is an upmarket family home designed to serve as a physical example of what can be achieved with considered design and contemporary building materials.

A primary objective was to positively influence various preconceived negative perceptions regarding the use of light steel and related energy-efficient building materials in the local residential sector. This required a considered approach given that whilst these materials perform well on paper in a technical sense – the importance of comfort, familiarity, aspiration and status cannot be underestimated in the residential sector.

Stated differently - people don’t generally want to live in ‘machines’ (regardless of how well they perform). They primarily want to live in comfortable, familiar homes that accommodate their needs. People also want to live in homes that represent their ideals since one’s home says much about and what one believes in.

"A home is where the heart is". So we set out to build a home that would deliver upon this premise. A comfortable, familiar, aspirational home that also represents a changing world that is more concerned about energy consumption, flexibility and efficiency.