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The Last Glass House is featured in the latest issue of House and Leisure, Issue 262 - The Pleasure of Living Here and Now

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Visi hosted their first ever Great Spaces Tour at Stand 47 on Saturday 31 January 201, in association with Saint Gobain.

The morning tour allowed VISI readers to meet VISI's Deputy Editor Annemarie Meintjies, design maverick Gavin Rooke (one of the driving forces behind Stand 47) and Stand 47 Architect Karlien Thomashoff. After exploring the house with a glass of Graham Beck Brut and a slice of chocolate cake in hand, readers were treated to a thorough overview from Gavin and Karlien about the history of Stand 47, what drove the project, what materials and design thinking went into the house, as well as what the outcomes were, both expected and unexpected.

With opportunities to ask question of Annemarie, Gavin and Karlien, readers were not only able to experience a great space that VISI so enjoyed profiling, but also find out how to build a similar house themselves.

As a parting gift, readers took home the latest issue of VISI and a bottle of Graham Beck Brut.

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